AirOrbs | Lotte World Seoul

One of the show's standout features is the computer-controlled, luminous Oriental-styled spheres and lanterns, which create a magical spectacle as they gracefully ascend into the sky. These radiant objects glide through intricately choreographed formations high above the central ice rink during the daily parade.

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The custom tracking and autonomous control system behind this mesmerizing display boasts 26 cameras and one main computer housed under the roof structure. Additionally, a master computer situated in the main control room orchestrates the entire operation. This sophisticated setup ensures the flawless execution of this captivating aerial performance.

On site

The premiere of the new Lotte World Night Parade in July 2014 was the result of multiple month of work. The flying lanters were designed by the team of Garry Goddard, Los Anlgeles. Also the choreographed formations of the AirOrbs matched the floats theme of the night parade and were developed in close cooperation between the creatives and developers.