Airstage conducted a performance with six autonomous flying AirOrbs for the auto show in New Delhi. For the launch of the new Suzuki Concept car, a seven-minute choreography was programmed and synchronized with the rest of the content.

Date and Client


With the perfect round, spherical shape, the AirOrbs are ideal for autonomous, choregraphed shows, because they are able to move in all directions. All AirOrbs are equipped with 4 channel RGBW interior lighting and 3D localization technology.


The AirOrbs motion and lighting effects were preprogrammed and synchronized to other show content weeks before the exhibition. Using different indoor localization systems the AirOrbs can navigate very precise in 3D and create an impressive synchronized aerial show. With 3000 square meter, Suzuki's booth was a challange for configuring the tracking system. By knwoing the programmed flight trajectories the system was adjusted cover the relevant areas of the booth.