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We make it fly!

The dream of flying… watching an object float slowly and silently through the air as if by magic fascinates audiences worldwide. Airstage creates such magical moments by developing unique aerial show performances that transform concepts or products into amazing objects that seemingly defy gravity to fly freely in enclosed spaces. Our remote controlled dirigibles are lighter-than-air models that navigate through the air under their own power. They can be constructed either in non-rigid, rigid or hybrid forms and gain their lift from a built-in gas sleeve filled with helium. Challenge us with your ideas and concepts – we’ll make them fly!

About Airstage

Founded in 1996, Airstage has grown to become the world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of flying objects. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about us.

Our Portfolio

Explore our rental portfolio for your next event. Our on stock flying objects are available at short notice and come with our experienced pilot crew. Learn more about avilable options and requirements.

Airstage Technology

In our location in south germany with over 2000 square meters space and equipped with most modern technology we realize projects in the best quality and in short time. With our experienced team, we create unforgetable aeral show concepts.

Unique Experience

Our expertise lies in the design of remote-controlled flying objects and their eye-catching presentation for events and show productions.We constantly push the boundaries in the design, construction and flying of such ultra light models.Our long standing experience enables us to meet even the most demanding creative aerial show concepts.Airstage remains to date the only company in the world that can offer such unique products and services.

Featured Projects


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